Kingsford® Non-Stick Grilling Foil is your extra-tough partner for easy prep, cooking and clean-up, on and around the grill. At 18” wide, heavy-duty Kingsford™ Non-Stick Grilling Foil is the size and strength you need to focus on the food and “kill it on the grill!”

Kingsford® Non-Stick Grilling Foil’s “dull side” gives you a food-safe coating to keep food from sticking!

Here are some Pro tips for getting the most out of Kingsford® Non-Stick Grilling Foil:

  • Always place food on the dull side of the foil to prevent sticking
  • Line the grill to keep food and grill clean
  • Cover public grills when camping or picnicking away from home
  • Wrap small or delicate foods when cooking, to keep them from falling through the grill grates

Non-Stick on Dull Side

Always place food on dull side of foil to prevent sticking.

Keep it Clean

Cover or line grill to keep food and grill clean. Great for camping or picnicking away from home.

Cook & Steam

Wrap food in foil pack to steam and cook. Stop small foods from slipping through grill.